We have electricity, water and gas, satellite TV and radio with hundreds of channels, telephone, 24 hours of private security and a large parking lot for providing our guests with a comfortable life. There is a child playing garden and also horse riding, basketball and table tennis activities are available. In the other sections, there are puddles, barns for cattle, sheep and goats, special animal houses for poultry, cats and dogs, veterinary room, greenhouse, fruit-trees (apple, Anatolian quince, sour cherry, plum, etc.), mushroom production facilities and about 40,000 square meters of cultivated area.It is possible to come for special invitations or village breakfast or to the ranch during weekdays or weekends provided that advanced booking shall be made. Besides, accommodation for one or more days during weekdays is possible. Special prices are applied for groups. Our prices have been fixed as room-breakfast for our short term accommodations during weekdays and weekends. For our long term accommodations, special prices are applied to the guests of companies and to those who want to experience the ranch life. Groups could also be provided with fixed lunches other than breakfast if they request in advance. Quality of ranch life and houses having fully equipped kitchens enables the guests to behave free.