Grandma’s farm is located in a real property which Öztalay Family owns for time over 200 years. While it was an area of more than 300,000 square meters, it used to be known as SÜLEYMAN BEY farm.

Ali Haydar Öztalay was an officer in Turkish Navy, has commanded a warship in 1st World War and then he has done teaching work in Navy Academy. He has left the Navy after 2nd World War and performed duty as Mayor of İzmit by early 1950.

Ali Haydar was an officer in the navy and the 1st Turkish Öztalay warships in the battle to control the world was made, then a teacher at the naval academy. 2. separated from after World War II Navy and the beginning of 1950, he served as mayor of Izmit.

Today, Öztalay Family is formed of their son, Ali Yılmaz Öztalay, daughter, Fatma Esin Öztalay, their grandchildren, Ayşe Çimen Yüksel, Haydar Melih Öztalay, Fehmi Selim Öztalay, their daughter in love, Ayşe Gülen Öztalay, their son in love, Deniz Yüksel. The land has been used as farm for a long time. In 1988, Çimen Yüksel and her husband, Deniz Yüksel have launched an idea for establishing a natural life and recreation area in the corner of the farm.

ciftlikThis idea has been developed by other individuals of the family and decision was made for making old type Turkish houses reflecting different corners of Turkey and 4 houses in Turkish Architecture type that are different from each other and a two stories building for using in social activities were made on farm land. And there is a swimming pool between the houses which completes this beauty. It has hosted foreign managers of the factories in the area for long term accommodations (Ford Otosan, Knauf, Goodyear, Hyundai, etc.).

It was opened out for domestic tourism in September 2002 with the groups of agencies performing alternative tourism and then individual bookings have also been received.

This will make you spend time by living in a different environment away from the city and by breathing clean air. Besides, it will be a very good opportunity for making you to taste fresh vegetables, eggs and milk products that we show great care for them and also for making you to purchase them.

Other than all these things, of course it is possible to obtain kittens-poppies, poultry (like turkey, duck and goose) rabbit, great bovine for breeding, sheep and ram too from our farm… Moreover, it is also possible for you to leave your such small friends for accommodation under our veterinary’s control when required…